Okay, so things have picked up a bit over the last few days. After not playing hardly at all for a couple of weeks, I’ve managed to get back into the chair and focus on the game a bit.

On Wednesday, we did Pedestal of Sky (well, I wouldn’t say we DID it, but we experimented a bit to figure out the encounter). After that, we went into Poet’s Palace The Return to try and get the ring from a junk drop. No such luck, so this zone continues to stay off our hit list until we get it to a managable status. People were a bit fragged after that, so we called it a night.

On Thursday night, we did Court of Al’Afaz. We managed to get the Black Queen to around 28% before our MT’s mind exploded. Once we figured that part out, we gave it another couple of attempts before people started to call it a night. We’ve got this encounter figured out, it’s just the randomness of teleporting important raid members (like certain healers, etc.) to the courtyard that makes it a crapshoot whether or not you win/lose on this encounter. We’ll get her next time I’m sure.

After Court, a few of us wanted to work on our Peacock quests instead of hitting the sack. A couple nights ago, with Elissa’s help, I managed to finish A Frightful Feast. Since we’re making a trip into the fountain soon, I wanted to be at the right part of the quest. So _Cataclysm _and _Kimo _helped catch me up a bit, and we all got up to the final quest. This means that last night the three of us did:

Finding My Way, Tracing the Map, Undead Censership (including all four run subquests), From Hands of Stone, (I had already completed the Seal of the Sea), Confirming the Right Track, An Offering of Peace, and Time for a Garden Party.

We’re now on Wrapping it all Up, which is of course the last quest in the series where you have to do the epic zone. My guess is we’ll give this a shot in the next week or two so we can have it done before the expansion comes out. Getting those quests done last night took some time, but it was worth it to get caught up on what has been nicknamed the Prismatic 2.0 quest.

I think we’re doing Gates again tonight. I’m sure folks are excited about that since we cleared it a week ago on the same night.