Last night, we got a bunch of us who needed the Epic x2 in PoF for Wrapping It All Up together and took down the quest mob to get the update. And then, right after we killed it, somebody forgot to click the rock. So we did it again. And then somebody else mentioned they needed it, so we did it again. After the fact, I’m not sure if we killed it 3 or 4 times, but it was enough to get most of us on the final step for the Peacock quest. Now all we need is one more eye and it’s time to get busy with the God King for the Prismatic 2.0!

Another news item this week is the announcement of the upcoming server merges. Sony is going to merge twenty servers into ten. Their reason is that they are upgrading server hardware and want to increase the population on the servers, while at the same time freeing up some servers to be used for PvP rules. Sony continues to bark that their population numbers are going up, but this seems like an opposite response to an increasing subscriber base. Time will tell I suppose.

And one last item, Mob Squad has released their first raid video. This video highlights raiding in Gates and Court of Al’Afaz and is worth a look if you enjoy gameplay videos. It’s about 80MB and can be found on the home page of the guild Mob Squad.