Last night, Mob Squad rolled out to Pillar of Flames to pay a visit to Siyamak. Siyamak is one of two contested dragons that appear in the zone. This mob is a 65x4 and has a ton of special effects, including Dark Breath, Tail, massive hits, AOE’s, crazy stuff. I think Sony put the kitchen sink in this bugger cause it threw everything at us.

Siyamak Autopsy In Progress

As you can see on the Mob Squad home page, we put the poor soul out of it’s misery before the night was over. A master chest full of T6 goodness was the prize.

Yesterday was also LU19, which included a few new features and a ton of spell line changes. When I logged in, I had over twenty new spells and had to arrange my spell book all over again. A few hotbar tweaks were needed as well. Overall, not a huge impact for the level 60 player, but I can’t imagine the grief for those between 7-20 due to the changes. Maybe I should login my cleric (or, shall we say Templar now?) and see what’s up. I sure hope those Adept I spells I have in my inventory are not worthless now – but I bet they are.