Well, I sure am slow to post lately. I guess we’ve been busy.

Last Friday night, we went into Fountain of Life to attempt to finish the Prismatic 2.0 peacock quest line. We spent hours in here as we had no information on strategy, the mobs resists, etc. We finally got through and to the final part, the Godking himself. Of course, this zone takes longer because everything around you respawns constantly. And people touch the water and spawn even more mobs. We wiped enough on the Godking to call it a night, but we vowed to return this weekend to try and finish the zone.

We did a few other raids over the weekend, including Lockjaw, Gates, etc. There was some reasonable drops, including a few upgrades for folks in the guild.

Last night, we did Court of Al’Afaz, which we cleared with a good amount of armor remaining. I still think it is a joke how the only way Sony could make the Black Queen harder was to randomly port a raid member out of the area. So after two rounds where key raid members were ported (including the main tank), we dropped her down and got into her goody box. Sunchild dropped a server-first radiant torque (very nice), grats Quikling.

We’re doing FoL again Friday night. This time we should smoke through the opening content (now that we understand how it works) and get to the Godking with fresh heads and plenty of time. And hopefully we’ll walk out with a nice new weapon!