Okay, so the expansion lands on Tuesday. On Friday, Sony put the quests in to rebuild the wizard spires in The Commonlands, Antonica, Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, The Feerott and The Enchanted Lands. Why they left Zek out of the picture I’m not sure, but the spires there are pretty secluded and seriously broken down. Nonetheless, I think they should have done those too.

By late Friday night, a couple of the spires had been completed. The last one to be finished on Kithicor was Nektulos Forest. By noon (CST), we had over two hundred players in Nek running around trying to finish the job. There were at least four ad-hoc raid groups setup to take down the dragon that spawns when the spires are completed. Each spire spawned a dragon (??x4, in Nek it was 50x4) that dropped a box of twenty-four fabled items, including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. They typically gave +5 or +10 to all stats and had a few resists on them.

I was party of the early activity in EL and took part in the lag-fest that occurred in Nek. I shot video of the entire event that I’ll post shortly, but plenty of folks got to the quest for helping build the spires and I’m looking forward to a mini version of the spires for my apartment in Maj’Dul. Oh, and I managed to get one of the horns from the Nek dragon, +10 to all stats and +650 vs cold (ring slot). It will be nice to have a cold resist ring to complement the Spectral Ring. The joys of being a combat-rezzer/MT-bitch is having a complete set of every type of resist gear so you don’t die bringing up DPS when an AOE goes off.


The video is now available. It’s 100MB and can be downloaded from here (please right-click and Save As… to help conserve bandwidth).