Last night, Mob Squad rolled into the Fountain of Life with a band of 24 ready to take this encounter down. We had a snag at first, a guild was doing the ring event for the Hand of the Godking and actually got it to spawn. However, they seemed unable to beat the encounter. In the interest of time after they wiped, we took the encounter and burned it down hard. As a courtesy to them, we gave them the fabled discovery that dropped – a very nice mage bracelet. We took the eye, which was fortunate as we need to go back in (more on that later).

Once we got into the zone, FoL bugs came out strong. There were a ton of problems placing the eyes, resulting in our main tank Zyxlin actually DELETING the Wrapping It All Up part of the quest to try and get the eyes to place. In the end, we had to get everyone to zone out and all 24 zone in at exactly the same time to reset the zone. Talk about major pain every time we try to go in here things don’t work smoothly.

Fortunately for us, the encounter portion of the raid went flawless. We mowed down the encounters like they were nothing, even the Godking got a nice ass whipping. We got a master 1 spell (level 60 Templar, nice) and three fabled item drops off the Godking himself (including the bard breastplate which I got)! So that within one week that I got the bard shoulders (Drape of Silent Screams) and breastplate.

That, however, was the start of the second problem. Due to some confusion amongst the guild officers and leader, not everyone got their update. We had problems with too many adds being spawned, people dying to a respawned Armor/Power and a few other miscommunications. As such, only a few of the guild members got the Prismatic 2.0 and Manastone 2.0 updates. We’re going to make another trip in a week to make it up for those who didn’t get their updates with a solid understanding of what has to happen from the moment the Godking dies. For those that are unclear, you have exactly 30 minutes from the time the Godking himself dies (not the entire encounter). Anyone who tries to update after that will be greeted with disappointment. But in the end, it’s just a game and no need to get upset over a week delay on something that has taken months to finish.

So overall it has been a solid week of good adventuring, both in KoS and the older DoF zones.

Coming soon, I’ll be posted my opinion of the crap that dirges get for AP’s.