Last night we put together a group of folks and started the profession hat quest Blood of the Brood. Our goal was to finish it. In short, we got damn close.

We started off in the Barren Sky, climbing the chain to get up to the quest starter. It took a couple of times falling into space, but once I got the hang of it I didn’t fall again. Which is good, because you have to climb the chain between every step of the quest. The first part of the quest involved killing a few birds. Once completed, another trip to the quest NPC and we needed to go find some bird with a scroll. Then we had to head to Freeport to get a scroll from the Arcane Science building. Then it was time to find all the parts to complete the quest.

First, we went to the Sanctum of the Scaleborn to get an update. We actually got the update on the first kill, but one of us was out of group at the time and we had to kill about 150 more to get the update for the last person. Once we had that, we had to go to the Palace of the Awakened. This was tough, a very hard zone. We got up to the top and did a ring event that spawned the required mobs for the quest. Once done, we took down the named and got some seriously sweet loot. After that, we went to the next spot, which we determined to be the Halls of Fate.

The Halls of Fate is an extremely cool zone. In fact, it’s probably one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. The level designers did an absolutely great job on it. The speed of the crawl, the difficulty of the mobs (highest in group was 66, I’m only 63 at this point) and the layout of the zone was awesome. We spent a ton of time in here trying everything and got all the updates except for the very last one. We eventually were in broken gear and out of time, having played all night to get this far.

I think we’re going back after Fountain of Life tonight to complete the quest. Hopefully with fresh minds and fresh gear we’ll be able to finish the quest and get our class hats (that some of us likely won’t be able to wear yet!). Here’s to good luck!