I managed to get on last night and get a group for the GrizzFazzle’s Errands quest. I’ve been needing this major bow upgrade since I hit 65 and the timing was right last night. We went into the Den after finishing up the last few Ravesect thoraxes and proceeded to work our way through the zone. From the start of the night, loot drops were horrible. I think they seriously reduced the Legendary rate in here as when the expansion first launched I recall guildies pulling out piles of Legendary loot every night.

The run went quick and without any real problem, the Devourer was happy to die for us and I got the quest update. I’ve now got a real nice 80 damage bow to replace my previous Ironwood unit that I got when DoF came out. It’s nice to see a decent bow in this expansion, the last one was real light in the ranged weapon department.

I also managed to pick up 30% experience, pushing me closer to 66.