Well, it seems that Sony got something wrong with the patch today. Zones were crashing and they finally pulled the servers down around 9:45 PM CST for a quick update. We’ll see what they fixed.

The patch said that ranged auto-attack was improved – not so far as I’ve seen. Using Level 60 arrows (adamantium or whatever) and Gizzfazzle’s Bow (80dmg) I’m not seeing much in the area of damage. Arrows are hitting for 700-900 on average, which seems like I was hitting for that much with indium when I was still level 50. And this was against green plants in TT. Of course, the mobs were not debuffed so maybe that is the difference. I’m going to try it on a raid against debuffed mobs. I’d love to stay out of the AOE and get full autoattack style damage from a distance, so this is a yet-to-be-determined upgrade from my perspective.

I changed all my achievements around. I think the INT line in garbage aside from the increase in intelligence. I switched to the first two levels of STR (giving me an increase in strength and bladeturn so I can try to avoid AOE’s). They changed the recast to one minute making it very worthwhile. I then picked the agility line for the first two levels to gain Bump. To me, Bump seems extremely valuable in combat. Basically, it’s a zero casting time stealth that does damage as well. I can now seriously justify Scream of Death and other stealth-based attacks since I don’t have to deal with the Shroud casting time. I’m pretty excited about it, I can Cheap Shot, Bump, Scream of Death without the mob turning back around. Very sweet.

I can’t wait to get a T7 slasher that is useful (55+ damage rating) for Bladeturn. I wish I could get the Sabre of Anuk, but we keep putting off another FoL trip. Hopefully we can get in there this weekend and finish it up.