Last night, Mob Squad went into the Fountain of Life to give those that missed the update before another shot. We flew through the raid portion, getting a couple of real nice Paladin/Paladin items (funny story behind that one) and managed to get everyone who didn’t have it yet their update for the Peacock quest. We were even able to get a few folks who were waiting outside onto the platform in time thanks to CotH.

The funny part, well, it seems Sony fixed the problem with the skeletons spawning at the top of the ewar, but they still spawned down below and the entire zone still repops. Well, this time around we didn’t focus on the chest drops and were there specifically to get the update. Once the Godking dropped, we all moved to the waterfall and started doing in groups to get the update. Of course, more skeletons spawned and the groups who stayed below took care of them. But by the time we were done, the entire zone had repopped. This meant that the items in the chest were surrounded.

Our paladin Puggz, not being one to let loot go to waste, started zerging the chest to hit Loot All before he died. It was fun to watch from a distance, but a hell of a way to earn loot. Kind of like watching a dog play fetch with a carrot. No snaps on Puggz, it was a good effort and he actually got two fabled pieces out of the deal since nobody else was going to try it.

A quick jaunt to Maj’Dul and I had my sabre. I’m a little disappointed in the damage rating (both of my fabled piercers are better), but the power regen and final discarding of the Prismatic 1.0 are welcome. I’m still looking for a solid sword for the Bladeturn AA, no luck in that department yet.

After the Godking, we went into Trials of the Awakened again. We flew through it this time, at least up until we met the boss, a 74x4 ghost dragon with some serious adds and a major AOE/knockback. People were already tired and we ended up dying to a full raid wipe. Nobody was ready to work the entire zone again from scratch so we called it and hope to try again soon to get the Mark of Awakening quest update.

As for AAs, I’ve settled on Bladeturn and Bump as mandatory for dirges. Bump/Scream are a huge combo on raid mobs and avoiding an AOE is a nice lifesaver when bringing real DPS classes back to life. I’m undecided on the next course, most likely wisdom to get the final critical hit bonus. Plus, it’s a nice out of melee range early skill that can be useful.