Last night, our guild planned our weekly raid on the Lab. However, Sony wasn’t cooperating and the zone crashed within seconds after we zoned. We weren’t alone, the Lords of Chaos suffered the same fate as us. Naturally, our re-entry timers were set and another six hours had to pass before we could enter again.

Instead of calling it, we cruised over to TT for another run at the new raid zone Lyceum of Abhorrence. We all got the quest outside the zone and entered. Having tried the zone a couple of times before and getting bugged on the cloud, we were hoping for better luck this time. Fortunately, luck was with us. We unlocked the golems and got the cloud – we were on our way.

The discovery XP in this zone is nuts, I got 15% discovery in the first few areas. Progressing the quest was a nice rush as well. We managed to get quite a few relic drops, master spells and some fabled gear (including some incredible boots for Zyxlin, see our guild site for drops).

We actually finished the zone, including the boss and finished the quest. As a reward, everyone got some nice fabled loot. And we’ll be farming this zone for drops weekly I’m sure. I have to say, this was a very fun raid. Progressive, entertaining and the encounters are designed to keep the entire raid force on their feet. A nice variation to the very boring “wrath of fury” style encounters, this is probably the best raid I’ve been on in a long time.

I also mananged to hit 67 while in the zone, allowing me to equip a couple of items that have been in my inventory for a few levels – including my dirge class hat (quested version). Overall, a very fun night!