Last night I got into a group in Palace of Awakening. We went to one of the top levels where the XP is real nice and managed to ding 68. Only two more levels to go before it’s all about the AA. Once I dinged 68, I finally got the ability to wear these:


They are pretty sweet for sure. I still have a couple of remaining loots that I can’t wear yet, so hopefully I can get up to 70 soon. Spells seem to be a joke at this level, I haven’t upgraded anything yet due to the high cost of moonstones and my complete set of T6 masters make the older versions still better and less resisted.

Speaking of AA, so far I’ve gone down the following path:

  • 1 point into the starter

  • 4 points into strength, 1 point into the AoE avoidance ability Bladeturn

  • 4 points into agility, 1 point into Bump, mainly for the attack with instant stealth for Scream of Death

  • 4 points into wisdon, with a few points into the first ability tier to get up to the crit chance buff

BUMP is by far my favorite, going insta-stealth and either our wis debuff for short fights or SoD for the long ones. Master I helps on SoD. :)

The guild has a long weekend planned, Lab tonight and Lyceum again tomorrow. We’ve already cleared both, but word is SoE added some extra goodness to make Lyceum more difficult. We shall see!