It’s been a while since I posted about EQ2 (yeah, I’ve been busy), but last night was a good time. I got into a raid doing Lyceum of Abhorrance (again, probably my 3rd or 4th time in there), and we cruised through it as usual. The last encounter is a blast due to the complex nature of how it must be beaten (more dots, no more dots, DPS very quickly, etc.). We came away with some decent loot and I think at least one more guildie got to finish the quest for the now Legendary item (they nerfed all the loot from fabled since the overestimated the difficultly of the zone).

After that raid, we got another setup for a run through Ascent of Awakening x2. Twelve of us went into this zone which for the most part was pretty darn easy. I remember trying it over a month ago with a pick-up force and we never got out of the entrance. Last night, we blew through the floors and took down both of the big dragons without too much drama. It was a pretty fun run overall, definitely a fun night. Hopefully I can get in on some more action this weekend and certainly this weekend!

Oh, I’ve also uploaded a recent photo of Aimelia since it’s been a while: