Last night we rolled with an awesome force into Deathtoll. We were smoking, class setup was great, groups were solid, we had an excellent chance to take down Tarinax. Well, at least until the server crashed. A GM showed up after an hour, but there was no way they were going to reset our timers. So we’re basically locked out until next week. We did get a few drops, including Relic Chain Boots for me.

Then we went to the Isle of the Ravesect for some practice on the Mutanegenic Outcast. We learned a lot, but it was late, people were still pissed off from the crashed server run on DT, and spirits were low so we called it. A few of us, not yet ready to call it a night, went into Lab for some relic farming. We managed to snag at least a couple of pieces and even scored a Legendary chest with a pair of Nightchord Bracers (score!). Since Berrykiss already had them, I was the default to get them and got a very nice upgrade from my T6 fabled bard bracers. Another grats to me!

Tonight is the Halls of Seeing – hopefully we’ll have a solid force and server that stays up for the duration. If we have anything like the groups we had last night, we should have a solid chance and taking down the entire zone. At least that’s the plan.