Last night, Mob Squad rolled into Deathtoll on a mission to destroy Tarinax, the skeletal dragon required to complete the Qeynos Claymore quest line. We went through the zone fast and furious, taking down mob after mob, named after named. We got a ton of relic pieces and several masters, plus a few fabled loot items as well.

We then took down Tarinax on the second try. The first try, positioning was not our friend and we weren’t able to rotate properly to keep the fight up. After a recovery, we setup differently and smacked that bag of bones down with style. Aggro was a pain as usual on this fight, but we managed to keep the right folks alive and the fight was won. There were four items in the chest, a relic silk robe, a master spell, a neck/wrist haste item and a plate helm. Loot overall for the night was plentiful, I actually received the haste neck/write item (screen shot soon).

The final mob in the zone was bugged, staying unattackable despite our efforts, so we didn’t get to take him down. And the Amorphous drake was an easy fight, but only dropped a legendary chest for our effort.

Tonight is the Halls of Seeing, so we’ll see how that goes (get it, SEE how that goes, ha!).