It was a pretty decent weekend for playtime despite my original thoughts. After a kick-ass Friday night run through Deathtoll, we were set for a Halls of Seeing adventure but it wasn’t meant to be. Low turnout meant resorting to other things, like a 4x Trail of Awakening run to wrap up that quest for a few folks – myself included. We went through smoothly with the usual number of dead wizards before wiping on the final boss due to crazy aggro adds, the result of bad positioning. We all zoned back in and worked our way to the final guy and cleaned him up properly, resulting in quest updates for those that needed it. We even got a real nice Master chest drop with a sweet mantle in it.

So now I have that annoying blue symbol floating in front on my character now – JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. I feel like such a cliq member now. Nice to know that Sony made a fairly easy quest item like that so good that everyone uses it. No, really, EVERYONE.

After that successful run, several of us went to the Village of Shin to work with on whistling fist clan tower quests. Several of us were stuck on level two, so Sileen (Elissa) ran us through them so we could get our updates. It took quite a bit of time, but we made quite a bit of progress. The next stage is the city inside the city (instance) and is a level 75 heroic quest. So that should be a bit harder, but doable. Creon has the quest down so hopefully it’s just another walkthrough. Not sure what the end of the quest line is yet, but I’m sure some guilds are crusing through it full speed. Time to check the boards I guess.

Oh, and I had a great Father’s Day too. :)