Last night, Mob Squad tried to see how quickly it could do two raids in one night. It started with a quick run through Lyceum (well, as fast as you can go with mobs that have billions of hit points). I missed this part, but it sounds like some reasonable loot dropped.

I then showed up for the Lab raid and it was like group XP pulling in Silent City. I mean, it was seriously fast. We didn’t stop for anything and were chain pulling x4’s from the git-go. Some pretty nice loot dropped for various folks, I’m basically set for loot aside from rings and a weapon or two so I abstained from anything that dropped. Zyxlin continues to just rock as the main tank, preferring to just tank entire encounters instead of dealing with difficult setups. I remember when we used to split Prime/Vyemm between two tanks, that’s just a moot point now. We did split the prophet, I forgot about that.

So two full raids in a single night, pretty sweet action.