Last night, Mob Squad rolled into Lyceum for some action and came away with some nice upgrades for the guild. Kossos even got some relic pants, a nice upgrade from his xegonite trousers. I got nothing, but the last thing I really want at this point is higher repair bills. I seem to maintain power enough to survive with my current setup, which helps keep me alive. Consecrated Aura is my friend, HP and DPS.

Before the raid action, I moved Guitar Hero from the bedroom to the living room and hooked it up to the sound system. Man, what a difference a little bass can bring to the table. I’m absolutely convinced that is what it took to allow me to finish the last song (Bark at the Moon) on medium. Now it’s time to start working on the hard level – boy I can’t wait! Maybe these note charts will help me figure out some of the harder parts without trying to keep up. Tonight is the Halls of Seeing, we’ll see if we can take down Venekor!