I guess I never mentioned this before, maybe I thought I would go back sometime, but EQ2 is dead to me.

I quit playing really around September/October of 2006. I tried out the expansion, but it was weak and I had zero time to play the game. I finally canceled my account and called it quits for good. Aimelia was fun to play. From the start to 50, then to 60, then to 70, the game was great. 50-70 was really the best, joining Mob Squad and taking down some of the hardest encounters in the game was pure joy.

While there are new games (Vanguard: SOH, World of Warcraft), I just can’t justify another grind just for the same thing again. EQ2 had some magic and I enjoyed it far more than EQ1. I just can’t see doing that again, at least not at this point in my life.

I’ll keep the signature generator going (if it even still works) as long as it isn’t broken but if it breaks again, it’s likely to be removed. Sony has their own now anyway.

So long and farewell SOE, I assure you my wife hasn’t missed you one bit.