Okay, so after the PDC on Friday, the family joined me for some time in Los Angeles. Since they had already toured Chinatown and other areas, we went up to Hollywood to see what was up. We just missed Johnny Depp putting his hand and foot prints into the concrete in from the Groamans (sp?) theater. So we walked the strip and found the stars of various actors and actresses on the strip, as well as coming across some very interesting people along the way. There were a lot of OU fans roaming about since the UCLA/OU game was the next day. After spending a ton of time in Hollywood (didn't see Julia Roberts), we took off to Beverly Hills. After a quick stop in a restaurant where each person greeted us with a friendly "an order to go?" (yes, we were in t-shirts and looked worn out from a day walking around Hollywood), we parked our feet on the sidewalk in front of Spago to do what all LA citizens do -- chase celebrities. Mel saw on KTLA that they were having an Emmy pre-party there so we took to the street. And we saw a bunch of celebrities, including Randy Quaid, Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Cloris Leachman, Cameran Manheim, Patricia Arquette, William Shatner, Doris Roberts and a few others whose names escape me. We got some pictures too. We spent the entire day Saturday at Disneyland, and we were seriously worn out after 13 hours in the theme park. The next day, we went to Santa Monica to get some beach time and a quick walk on the pier. After that, we drove downtown and parked outside the Shrine theater and tried to get a few more shots. I took a ton of shots and we got a few good ones, but nothing spectacular and nothing up-close and personal like Friday night. We thought about hitting some of the post-parties after the event, but we're leaving in the morning so our short star chasing quest came to an early end. ![](/images/MarciaCross.jpg) Marcia Cross ![](/images/RandyQuaid.jpg) Randy Quaid