So my wife wants a new digital camera, go figure. The Canon Powershot rules this space IMHO, taking excellent shots with gorgeous color for printing at Wal-Mart. Add an easy to use interface and you’ve got a winner. But it has to shoot video. Getting 12 minutes of video on a 1GB card sucks. Sure, it’s decent quality 640x480 30fps, but it’s huge. Sony, Panasonic, and others are getting MPEG-4 into their product line.

Where is Canon? Wake up! Your vast line of over a dozen camera models is collecting dust as people wait for you to refresh the line (again, you just did it 3 months ago and left MPEG-4 out). I guess we’ll have to sit for another year until you gear up for MPEG-4.

And make sure it copies to the PC with zero conversion required before it gets stuffed onto an iPod Video for sharing with the family or easy burning to DVD with NERO.

‘nuf said.