Merry Christmas.

DDR, a video game for everyone. At least that’s the experience so far this Christmas. We bought a setup for our nieces and everyone was playing last night. I highly recommend at least two pads for party fun. If you don’t know what DDR is, it’s Dance Dance Revolution, a game where you play with your feet while dancing on a pad to remixed popular music titles. It’s more of a workout than the usual couch potato video games for sure.

The PSP is also nice, particularly for those long post-holiday shopping trips that you can’t avoid. The games have finally caught up with the platform. And if you’re into homebrew, it can be a cost effective platform at the same time.

MIA (or just plain let down): XBOX 360 – I didn’t want one and I don’t know why you would either.

I’m also back into playing WoW for a while since almost everyone I work with plays and I’m a sole EQ2 survivor. Since my dirge is plateaued at 60 in both gear and abilities, there isn’t much left to do when we aren’t raiding so I’ve been working on a priest on Dalaran to join my friends from work. Should be fun!