The past few weeks, I’ve noticed a number of new things in the photography world. First off, I have a Nikon D100. It seems that Nikon just released the D200, a worthy successor to the original and a close competitor to the D2X. However, it seems not is all well in Nikon land. The D200 is being slammed for some blooming issues in the 4-channel CCD that cause a sort of courduroy effect on really bright segments of the image. So perhaps a later batch of the D200 will resolve the issue. This puts me in the “continuing-to-wait” category before upgrading.

Also, a new 28-200 general purpose VR lens sounds like a nice addition to the kit for unpaid work/travel/etc.

Another thing I found is the new Adobe Lightroom. This seems like a very nice addition to the workflow for professional photographers. Several key activities are well modeled and the performance benefits seem like a real winner since even the Adobe Bridge is pretty slow when dealing with a massive amount of raw images. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one and hopefully it will hit the shelves with a reasonable pricetag.