I found an energy drink that I actually like. It’s Monster Khaos and it’s a juice-based energy drink with great taste that isn’t overly carbonated. It packs a punch (drink one at 6pm and you’ll have trouble getting to sleep before 1am) and doesn’t taste artificial like so many other drinks on the market. Plus you can buy it anywhere, MedX, QuikTrip, etc. Wal-Mart has 4-packs for a decent discount as well.

The Monster Lo-Carb is a respectable alternative for those watching the sugar content or trying to avoid a rush/crash that can hit some people. I haven’t had a rush/crash with Khaos yet, but I typically eat something within an hour or two of downing one. I do use the Lo-Carb when I’m not going to be eating though so that I’m not yawning in an hour due to the exodus of sugar from my veins.

Tab Energy is OK, has sort of a cotton-candy taste to it (read: artificial) but you look like a girl drinking it from a pink can.