Set the wayback machine to the summer of 1987. I just graduated from high school, I was sitting there at work, and a coworker offers me a sneak preview ticket to a new movie called “Die Hard.” I think, what the heck. So I grab my girlfriend and we settle down for what hopes to be some good entertainment. I think, Bruce Willis, Moonlighting, action movie? This is probably going to seriously suck.

Then I proceeded to sit on the edge of my seat for more than two hours soaking up what was without a doubt the best action movie I had ever seen, the first real blockbuster action film that was ever made, period. And I saw it live, before millions would even be able to buy tickets, and it was fucking amazing. Seriously fucking amazing.

Shift back to reality twenty years later. Sure, the seat was a lot more comfortable, the sound a lot bigger, and the action was so much better. The fourth installment of the Die Hard series was without a doubt the best (okay, tie it for the best with the first one if you are one of those original-always-win folks). The story was fresh, the action was exciting, and John McClain was good old John McClain.

I thought this movie was pure excitement, full of energy, mind blowing stunts, and enough of a technology twist to give a War Games/Hackers fan a raging hard on. Okay, I might have exaggerated a bit, but it was seriously that good. And that joy has to be seen in a theater, with a crowd, and a huge screen.

So go out and see it and enjoy the show, because good ones like this only come around every 20 years or so.