The guys at Los Techies have invited me to join their ranks and start posting on their blog. I’ve accepted the invitation and am looking forward to being part of their great community. I met several of the guys in Austin (one of which managed to snag a shot of Dru Sellers and me looking very sleepy) and they’ve got a good thing going over there.

I’ll continue to post in both locations as I figure out how to best integrate the content between the sites. I switched to FeedBurner for my feed so hopefully I can aggregate the content somehow. That, and getting MarsEdit to format the content nicely for Community Server (it seems that most Mac users don’t post on Community Server blog hosts so demand hasn’t been too high there). I think I’ve got the kinks worked out but I’m still massaging the process a bit.

So check me out here or at my blog on Los Techies, one way or another you should be able to find me!