Well, my first Rock Band guitar has already been replaced by Activision. The exchange was super fast (got the new guitar in three days) and the new one seems to be working much better. The flaw == a broken strummer. And it wasn’t just me!

The lame thing of the day is that I fired up Guitar Hero 3 on the XBOX and was surprised to see that I cannot use my Rock Band controller with GH3. So no multiplayer GH3 without another GH3 controller. That, IMHO, is completely lame. Patch that crap and make it all work together nicely. What a load of crap.

Other than that, the family loves Rock Band. We had some younger family members (under 18) over tonight and they all had a blast with all four parts being represented. I was glad to provide some entertainment while they entertained me (failing on easy? puh-leeez!).

And for what it’s worth, I’m completely screwed trying to finish Vaseline on Hard in Rock Band – yeah, I guess I suck that badly.