So Apple dropped iTunes 7 on Tuesday, offering up a new set of features to enhance the whole user experience gig. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Download cover art for all music, not just iTunes purchases. Since I ripped most of my music from CD in Apple Lossless, it is nice to automatically get the cover art without resorting to external utilities to find it.

  • Album view The album view with the cover art on the left and the track information on the right is choice.

  • Better QuickTime support The new QuickTime engine has better (albeit different) handling of higher sampling frequencies available with the Intel HD Audio renderer. In fact, I had to make some adjustment (including dropping back down to 16-bit) to get this to work. Hopefully they will tweak this and make it so that 88.1 Khz 24-bit playback is once again possible.

There are many extra features that really help out and make it easier to use. This is a solid release, so grab it.

Oh, yeah, it does movies too but I don’t really care until they have a full-screen iPod with a decent size display. Until then, they can have them.