AppleInsider reports that the 8GB black Apple iPod Nano trails the pack in sales. While it is easy to say this is because it is the same price as the 30GB hard-drive based iPod, I think that misses the point. Black is boring. Black is out. Nobody wants a black iPod. I would almost bet that the new PRODUCT (RED) 8GB is outselling the black model. Why? Nobody wants black.

I’ve considered buying the 8GB unit in RED because it would not be black. I only want the 8GB unit. Why? Because double the storage is worth the extra $50, but not worth the black premium. I do NOT want a black iPod, I think it is a lame color for an iPod. I want it in blue, red, green, anything but black.

Wake up Apple, ship the 8GB in colors and watch the sales of 8GB nanos increase. Drop them to $229 and they’ll go up even more. Until then, I’ll wait for the full screen video iPod.