Okay, so YouTube rules the new media, we got that right? And marketers have taken to the medium like flies to a pile of shit. I watch the site regularly for humor, and supposedly a glimpse into another reality. But the more I read about LonelyGirl15 and her friend DanielBeast, the more I come to realize it has probably all been a well scripted hoax.

The real article that broke it was found here.

The point that a domain was registered for the supposed fan site a month before the first video landed is a pretty freaking damn good spoiler. All the other evidence is really just supporting, this one takes the cake. I always thought the lighting was good. Now, she’s not using a “WebCam” she’s using a digital camera with a video function. I have one, it takes great video. In fact, better video than my Creative Voice I just got a few weeks ago. Color noise is not an issue compared to the high color noise in web cam videos using standard room lighting. Face it, she’s got some box lights in there to make her face clear.

Will this stop me from following to see where it ends up? Nope. We gotta find out who’s holding the bag now. The whole reference to occultism through the shrine to Aleister Crowley really changes the possible backers of this series. A later blog entry on the same site above really lends support that this was shot on the weekend to a worked up script based on the very anonymous responses mentioned in the later segments.

I have to admit this new medium really makes it easy for a good company to learn from the LG15 mistakes and come up with some really attractive content to market a product or service without the viewers realizing they’re being duped. At this point, I think LG15’s cover is blown.