Well, there seems to be a bunch of new discussion going on about our favorite LonelyGirl15 lately. While there is still rampant speculation about who she is, where she lives and how that all plays into her motives, Occam’s razor is starting to indicate that it is a few kids having a good time. While some of the details may be slightly adjusted and Bree may indeed be a character, it seems that the uproar that started last week is starting to fizzle out.

At this point, it really just appears to be a cute girl with a fun vlog that attracts a lot of viewers.

The fact that all this publicity is a huge benefit to YouTube is surely not indicative of any direct involvement by the young company, at least not that anyone has been able to determine with any certainty. So with that, I join the masses that anxiously wait the next installment from LG15.

That is unless I see her on DateLine, 60 Minutes or Nightline first!