So you bought a Mac, and you are staring at a fairly lonely dock wondering what other goodies you can add. Sure, the Mac comes with a lot of great software, including Snow Leopard, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, iChat, and more but there has to be some other great stuff too right?

Here is my list of (mostly free) software to add to your Mac to take it up a notch:

  • Skype
    The best way to make phone calls on your Mac

  • Quicksilver
    Free fast application launcher and more

  • HandBrake
    Don’t let those old DVDs go to waste, use HandBrake to rip them to your iTunes library (and play them on your TV or iPhone)

  • Tweetie
    If Tweetie for the iPhone is good, Tweetie for the Mac is an even better Twitter client

  • Evernote
    Keep track of everything and sync it automatically between Mac, Windows, iPhone, and web. Includes character recognition on images for searching text on pictures taken with your iPhone

  • Transmission
    The best torrent client for the Mac

  • Cyberduck
    FTP, WebDAV, iDisk, whatever this client is fast, free, and easy to use

  • Colloquy
    IRC isn’t dead yet, and this free client works great on the Mac and iPhone

  • Adium
    The best IM client on the Mac, works with just about anything that chats

And then there are the less often useful, but sometimes helpful ones:

  • KisMAC
    Because sometimes you really, really need a hot spot

  • MacTheRipper
    For those stubborn DVDs that won’t rip with HandBrake

Those are all the free ones, I’ll post another list of all the paid items that I find myself using nearly every day soon.