Microsoft finally opened up their site to show the new ultra-mobile PC running Windows XP with a new touch-screen interface. The keyboard looks pretty slick – a type of virtual thumbpad that appears on the UI. No details on the devices yet, but 800x480 seems to be expected with a 7” diagonal screen. I’m sure more details will roll out in the next few days, but I’m starting to think this is a “wait for generation 2” device at least. HDMI output anyone? Vista compatible?

Microsoft UMPC Site

Origami Project Site (Blogs, Forums, etc.)

From additional reading, it sounds like a “good start” but definitely not “fully cooked” yet. They did mention that you could ugprade to Vista (for how much?) and that XP and Office were included “in-the-box.” So by simply waiting for fall you can get a device running Vista instead and avoid the upgrade fee. This also gives the market time to gear up with accessories.

I’m a bit disappointed by the bulk of the device. Huge overhangs outside the edge of the screen and what appears to be space wasted for the sake of space. I want thin with a border around the screen that is no so freaking big. A bit taller than the PSP with game-type controls on the sides would be good, but not so much as to obscure the on-screen keyboard.

I realize details are sketchy, but so far this segment would address the needs for a GPS replacement, perhaps a Skype console with additional features, who knows what else. Hopefully we get more details over the next few weeks.

Another Update:

Close-Up Shot of a device running Origami

Take a look at this shot, seems like an iTunes style application for buying video online.