Last night, my brother-in-law, wife and I went to a concert at Driller’s Stadium in Tulsa, OK. The acts on the bill included Collective Soul (last seen in…. 94?), Third Eye Blind (can’t recall), and The Counting Crows (last seen in maybe 2000).

Collective Soul rocked the house with a short 40-minute set including some of their great hits.

countingcrows 005

Third Eye Blind then took the stage and played a bunch of songs I didn’t know and a few I recall hearing on the radio (was never a big fan, still aren’t, would have preferred Live made the bill for Tulsa).

countingcrows 014

The last act was The Counting Crows. They played a solid set with a lot of old favorites and a bunch of new stuff that I didn’t like. Really once August and Everything After and Recovering the Satellites were done, I was done with them – there really wasn’t much more they put out that I liked. And even now I find myself hitting Next on their tracks. They sounded okay (aside from the mixed-up live arrangements that always ruin the song) and ended on a somber song that about knocked me out (read: put me to sleep).

countingcrows 026

countingcrows 041

A fun night out with the wife (and no kids) regardless of the music, so it was certainly a good time!