Sony released a few updates yesterday on the upcoming Playstation 3 release as well as a few new add-ons coming for the PSP. It seems the PS3 will be coming in November (probably LATE November) at a cost to manufacture of at least $385. I’m guessing a $499 retail launch for a base system with a decked-out rig approaching $699. We’ll see what happens, but dual 1080p display outputs can’t be cheap!

On the other hand, the PSP is getting a video camera (USB), a GPS (USB), and some video/voice over IP software to make video VoIP calls from your PSP. No word on what network, how it will work, etc. but I can bet it isn’t Skype. :( It would be nice to see a homebrew version of Skype, but considering the position of Homebrew on the PSP, it’s not likely. Skype is too big-time to support something like that now.

No word on new games, but it is clear that Sony is positioning the PSP to be more than a gaming handheld. It’s a great platform, gorgeous screen (indoors anyway) and powerful processor, so it’s no wonder they want to take advantage of it. The rumor of a 4GB version of the PSP for storing music/videos is still just that – a rumor. But we’ll see if that becomes more than a rumor later this year.