Based on the inventory this past weekend (even yesterday) and the complete lack of quality software, I’m going to have to declare the PS3 the turd of 2006. Yes, it gets the Turd of the Year award for a totally flubbed product launch. Quality control issues, zero availability, lame software releases, and lack of innovation are the likely suspects on this unpolished turd.

I went into Best Buy yesterday and there was a stack of 60GB units, just sitting there. A guy was guarding them, but looked really bored. Nobody was buying them, zero interest on the floor. I asked if they had any Wiis in stock – nope. So much for the PS3 and the overhyped launch. I guess people are still happy with their PS2 console (I know we played ours over the weekend).

Maybe they’ll get it right in a couple of years, or maybe they will just end up eating a lot of expense to make it a usable system. Right now, I see zero attraction to get one and I really wanted one when I heard about it. Now I’m just like, meh, what’s the use.