Tonight was the Tulsa installment of the Visual Studio 2008 InstallFest that is sweeping the cities this month. In a move to get people excited about VS2008, Microsoft handed out 150 trial copies of VS2008 to those that registered. As an encouragement to those that installed VS two-double-oght-eight on site, participants who demonstrated the post-install goodness were given a t-shirt to commemorate the event.

This was by far the biggest turn out we’ve had outside of Tulsa TechFest at OSU Tulsa. Tons of food and drink were provided, including Mazzio’s Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, and Spaghetti Warehouse pasta trays. There was plenty to go around and everyone was talking and discussing anything and everything. Good times.

Once we arrived, we camped out and provided the entertainment for the room. Chris Koenig provided several XBOX 360’s for the event, one with Guitar Hero III and another with my new favorite game Rock Band. Rock Band absolutely kicks ass. We had 3-4 players all the time, and I even uploaded a few videos of people playing the game. The multiplayer on Rock Band makes the battle mode on GH3 look lame. Having a group playing all parts of the song is more fun than you could imagine based on the videos on the web.

These videos were shot on my MacBook Pro and uploaded at the event using iMovie’s YouTube export:

Needless to say, I’ll likely be getting an XBOX 360 and Rock Band sometime in the near future!