Not to get off track here, but I have to post about this before I forget.

Skype is a completely free VoIP (voice over IP) system for high quality (MP3 level) communications over the public internet. Calls between Skype clients are crystal clear (better than POTS) and reliable. They have a service called SkypeOut which lets you dial land lines for like $0.03 per minute. Pretty slick considering that’s the rate for almost any destination…


Mind you, certain locations that don’t have local servers are much higher (think regular heavily discounted global calling rates), but the entire US, China, Europe, etc. are all less than three cents a minute to local numbers and always free to other Skype clients.

They just released version 1.2 and it has some pretty slick new features as well. You can now register a local number across the US and have calls forwarded to your Skype account and it even has voicemail. Basically, we’re talking a local number, in the city of your choice, with voicemail. Check it out.