Skype has released a new feature, SkypeCasts. These public conference channels support up to 100 people and have a specific duration. Not sure I like the current setup though. You actually call a SkypeOut number, but it doesn’t use any credit. Overall the quality is good, but there are quite a few features I don’t like. To see who is in the chat, you have to use the web page. And because it’s a web page, you can’t see who is talking. I think they need to work on it a bit yet.

Nonetheless, it came out with a new beta of Skype 2.5 – quite a few new features here as well. Including an easy dialer for international dialing without having to know the +1, +011, etc. Very nice addition.

You can find out about SkypeCasts and the new beta version at the Skype web site.