Well, for some reason, going to bed early (okay, it was actually 1am central time), not sleeping hardly at all and waking up at 5:30am doesn’t disagree with me. Yes, I’m shocked too. Maybe it’s the excitement (or maybe I just got enough chill time on the plane), but I’m wide awake. First bus out to the conference and first in line for breakfast. A tad eager you think?

The wireless at the convention is working great! The big room is filling up, the couches in the lounges are starting to be short in supply (heaven forbid I have to sit in the Office lounge instead of Tools). I fired up the patcher and it seems to be working nicely (thank goodness, I can’t imagine how big the patch is today :) ).

The big events of the morning are the keynote speeches (for which I’ll be in equal comfort). Then a lunch session on the Visual C++ IDE in 2005 (or maybe the one on build tools and extensions for more automatic system builds). Hopefully we can take advantage of some of those things in the future for our projects.

More updates to come…