Tulsa TechFest 2007 started this morning (well, last night if you’re a speaker) and there is a huge turnout for the event. There are so many people spread out amongst all the tracks – much more than last year.

I started off the morning with a game of Guitar Hero II in Chris Koenig’s booth. Nothing says happiness like pounding out a couple of tracks to start the day. A majority of the morning activities consisted of registration, sign-in, announcements and keynotes. The first session started at 10:30 AM, which is when I gave my talk on MonoRail.

I had a decent turnout for an obscure framework and was happy with the talk. There was some good discussion on the parts around the framework (Windsor, NHibernate, ActiveRecord), and a lot of good questions. I forgot to put together an example on ViewComponents, so I’ll likely write a blog post in a few days about how to build one.

Lunch was quick, I think the pizza to developer ratio was slightly underestimated, but we could all use on less slice of pizza now and then. This afternoon looks to be packed, so I’m on to the next event.