I’ve posted a new build of NetSudoku. A few new features to cover:

  • There is now a built-in puzzle generator, but it’s in a very early form. It takes about five minutes to generate a puzzle, mainly because I generate 100 of them and pick the hardest one. I’m working on a new system that will generate puzzles in the background and keep a few of each difficulty around between sessions so that you can get into a game quickly. Then, when you pick a new game it will have one available. This is all a work-in-progress, but I wanted to get this out there so that others could use it and see how well the generator builds puzzles.

  • The solver can now solve anything (was required to make a generator), including backtracks and guessing. The hint feature will still only display a single hint at a time though, and it will tell you if it had to guess to get the answer.

I think those are the highlights, enjoy!