For gaming, I use a Dell XPS Gen 2 Laptop. My unit has 2.0 GHz Pentium M, 2GB of ram and a 256MB Geforce Go 6800 Ultra @ 487/1250. The system is great, the display is gorgeous and I’ve had zero problems with it since I got it a year ago.

The details of the new April XPS have been found and its a pretty decent upgrade:

  • Duo 2.16GHz

  • GeForce 7900 Go GTX 512mb

  • 100 GB sata 5400 RPM

  • Same Screen/Chassis

So the system has the new Duo from Intel, which should add a nice boost and the hot new video card from nVidia.For me, I’ll pass. I’m waiting for the next one that comes stock with Vista on it. I don’t want to get stuck with something that will not be completely Vista compliant come next year. And my system still plays EQ2 very well, no complaints at all. I sure hope Microsoft requires HD audio with Vista so Dell can’t throw a $2 sound chip in it like they did with the current model.