Apple today release a new software product called Boot Camp. Boot Camp will let Intel-based Macs load the Windows XP operating system. This is a huge shift to where Apple is making people seriously consider their hardware now that the OS issue is irrelevant.

Now users can buy a Mac, knowing that they can still use all their Windows software. But, when they feel the need to walk on the wild side to enjoy iLife, iDVD, iTunes, iMovie, GarageBand, and whatever else Apple throws into the sack for free they will be able to do so. I’m so considering the Mac Mini post-August after the release of Leopard. I hate the regular OS upgrades Apple does (and the add-on charge each one requires) so with no immediate need there is no rush. Plus I’m sure more hardware will drop out of the sky.

For those on the fence, this is huge news. In the end, everyone benefits.