I think I mentioned last year that the Sony Qualia 70” SXRD (LCoS) display was going to be a big winner. Well, it was only available in select markets to the tune of over $10,000. This year, Sony is making it available as part of the Sony XBR line, something consumers may actually understand. I don’t know the details yet, but it seems like a pretty slick entry into the 1080p segment, albeit one that still uses a really bright bulb to pump the light engine.

Sony Press Release

Myself, I’m waiting for a pure LCD of 60-70” to become available in the same price point. I can’t justify doing RPTV anymore after experiencing the pure image that LCD offers. But for many this could be a real good choice for picture size with real good picture quality. It’s certainly the best looking picture I’ve seen in this form factor. The article didn’t mention 1080p input, but with the PS3 launch this fall, you can bet on it for at least one of the HDMI ports.