Okay, I posted earlier that I got a new 32” LTV-32w6 (1366x768) high definition TV. Well, I had a few problems with it so I exchanged it. The replacement had the same issues. After a quick trip to AVSForum, I realized that others had the same issue. So back to the store it went. What do I put in place of it since the empty void in the bedroom seems kind of hard to watch?

A new 37” 1080p display. Yep, 37 inches of 1920x1080p glory. I’m now officially a 1080p snob. In fact, I even have multiple 1080p inputs making me ready for the PS3 or other high definition sources. 1 HDMI, 2 DVI, 2 HD Components, 1 SV/CV – that’s a total of six inputs. Yee-haw. The DVR looks awesome at 1080i (using the TV’s internal deinterlacer), I’m even thinking of HBO-HD and STARZ-HD now.

I’m going to hook up the laptop soon and check it out, along with a full calibration to make sure the color and brightness are in-spec. I may also download some WMV-HD content for a quick peek @ 1080p to see how it looks. Am I stoked? You betcha!

FYI: You can get this TV for $1199 now, that’s an amazing deal for a 1080p monitor!

And if you can’t live with only 37 inches, the 42” is only $1499 (albeit with a few quirks)!