Finally, you can buy a standalone guitar hero controller at video games stores like GameStop and others. I was surprised that it was $40 (instead of $30, which might have made more sense, but popularity has a price). While a good option for those that want to get their multiplayer on without waiting for the new Guitar Hero II game with red guitar, I’m holding out for somebody I know to get the game themselves for their own PS2 and then bringing it over.

Of course, I’ve got Guitar Hero II pre-ordered with the red guitar for November delivery. :)

As for my progress, I’m five songs away from finishing the hard difficulty level. I’ve completed a few of the expert songs (yeah, the easier ones) just to make some progress since I’m dying on Bark at the Moon on hard big time.

FYI, VgsPlayer is a sweet trainer to practice those solos without being in the game. I highly recommend it. Rumor has it that a future version will actually work with the PS2 controller if you can find a way to hook it up to your PC. It also works with Daemon Tools so your beloved game disc can stay in the PS2 where it belongs.