I love Guitar Hero. It’s a blast to play. It’s fun at parties. And the last 5 songs continue to kick my ass on both Hard and Expert. Yeah, I can flub my way through some solos with Star Power to get some of the wicked songs finished, but these final tracks and downright brutal.

I’ve been watching updates come out on newly released songs for GH2, and the list is getting more and more refined. The complete details can be found on the Wikipedia. The latest additions I am seriously stoked about are:

  • Monkey Wrench (The Foo Fightars)

  • Shout at the Devil (Motley Crew)

  • Surrender (Cheap Trique)

A few of the yet-to-be-confirmed tracks that I’m really excited about:

  • The Final Countdown (You’rup)

  • Killing In the Name (Rage vs. The Machina)

I can’t wait!

On another note, I’ve seen a wireless Guitar Hero controller in the shape of a “Flying V” at Toys-R-Us that I’m hoping to get for my birthday!