I downloaded and played the BioShock PC Demo last night. I have to say, on my GeForce 6800 Ultra the game is pretty much unplayabled. Looking around the game looks awesome, clear graphics and wonderful color saturation. The mood is downright eerie and it feels just right.

But even with the settings really gimped, it’s just not playable. I managed to get through some of the assisted tutorial sections without much trouble but any turning around or moving quickly is just a lag fest waiting for the hardware to catch up. I found a review at AMDZone talking about performance on high-end hardware and it is no surprise why my system can’t keep up. If the current top of the line cards struggle with it, I’m just not going to get anywhere with it.

Beautiful game though. I can’t imagine the image quality will come through on DX9 7xxxx series hardware like is found in the XBOX360 though. My guess is it will look the best on the PC but likely sell the most copies on the 360.