It looks like Apple is starting to tease about the upcoming MacWorld on January 9th. Many of the Apple-specific sites are going to have live webcasts of the event so be sure to make your calendars!


It would seem that there is something big in store for Apple at the event. Some of the things I think we’ll see (and the likelihood of each):

  • Mac Mini Upgraded to Core 2 Duo (pretty much a given for running Leopard), maybe HDMI output with combined video/audio for home theater applications (possible)

  • Mac Pro available in an 8-way configuration (almost guaranteed)

  • Updates on the iTV (and the ability to have iTV features in a Mac Mini to upsell the full Mac)

  • Some sort of mobile device with telephony (GSM most likely)

  • Changeover and/or availability of nVidia GeForce 7600 in the mobile platform (quite possibly)

  • Ultra-Portable Mac Pro (maybe, not really sure on this one)

I would love to hear more about a larger screen iPod with Video, but I kinda doubt that is the focus given the holiday sales of the current generation of units. That might be a later refresh when the full screen iPod becomes available. With news of an 800x480 2.9” widescreen display (I think Hitachi made for a phone), that would make for some sweet widescreen movies if they can’t get the full screen covered.

If I come up with anything more, I’ll be sure to post it here. But expect some surprises on the 9th, perhaps even some super-secret glass being added to the Leopard UI to compete with the very glitzy Vista Ultimate.